Jack and Jill have been designed and are managed to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

All windows and external doors are double or triple glazed. The floors and blockwork walls have 300mm of insulation. The strawbale and lime walls create a highly insulated but breathable construction.

Underfloor heating and hot water is produced by a Ground Source Heat Pump which extracts heat from the ground and uses it to heat the house. It uses 2kW of electricity to produce 9kW of heat.

Our electricity is generated by two small hydroelectric turbines on the property – 10kW and 5kW. Power also feeds into our network from 2.7kW of solar panels on the Manse roof. We have exported 10x more electricity than we have used. When the hydros are not producing electricity we import our electricity from Good Energy – a company which only supplies electricity from renewable sources.

All waste water and sewage passes through a submerged aeration plant – a Tricel Novo. A combination of processes come together to affect the transition of wastewater into a treated liquid suitable for discharge back into the water table.  Initially the settlement of incoming wastewater and the separation of solids and liquids occurs.  Effluent then passes into an aeration chamber where naturally forming bacteria consume the impurities. The final effluent undergoes a final settlement phase before being discharged.


We only use environmentally friendly cleaning products in the properties. Therefore we will provide ALL you need for your stay – toilet cleaner, surface cleaner, washing-up liquid, dishwasher tablets, laundry detergent and micro clothes. Please do not use any other cleaning products as this will reduce the effectiveness of our sewage treatment plant.