Justine and Robert worked for many years in development in Africa and the Caribbean. They spent 4 years in Cross River State in Nigeria working with the Forestry Department and with local communities helping to conserve the fantastic tropical rainforest which occurs in the area.


While there they became friends with and supporters of the Drill Ranch – the Drill Rehabilitation and Breeding Centre. Founded in 1991 the DRBC is the region’s first primate rehab project. Illegally held drills orphaned by hunting are donated by local citizens or handed over after seizure by authorities; no animals are purchased or removed from the wild. Over 75 drills have been recovered, and rehabilitated to life with members of their own species, after thorough medical screening. Drill Ranch is also home to 28 orphan chimpanzees. As man’s closest relative, the chimpanzees add greatly to visitor education by stimulating interest and sympathy for wildlife.


Robert also worked closely with the Ekuri people who live in and manage a large area of tropical rainforest (about the size of the Isle of Wight). Recently efforts from many of their supporters and from the Ekuri people themselves have managed to prevent a six lane highway from being built through the forest. The Ekuri Initiative continues to work in this area with the local residents.

Justine and Robert donate 10% of net profits to these two charities which continue to do valuable work conserving the flora, fauna and culture of Cross River State.