Sunart Strawbale’s electricity is generated by a 10 kw hydroelectric turbine on the property. We also plan to install 6 kw of PV panels and a Tesla Powerwall in late 2022 so that we import as little power from the grid as possible. Most years we export more than five times the electricity than we have had to import. When the hydro is not producing electricity we get our power from a company that only supplies electricity from renewable sources.


Both strawbale houses are fitted with their own Ground Source Heat Pump. They use the same technology that’s in a fridge to extract heat from water that’s circulated around a 200m plastic pipe in a loop about one metre underground. This is a very efficient way of generating heat and approximately 1 unit of electricity (1 kwh) is used to generate 4-5 units of heat. It heats the water for the showers, sinks and bath and also for the underfloor heating.


We endeavour to minimise waste going to landfill by providing recycling options, not just for the standard glass / cardboard, plastics etc. via the Highland Council, but  also by providing boxes for food waste recycling. These are emptied into a large compost ‘tumbler’ which provides great nutrition to the hundreds (thousands?) of woms living inside. The compost goes into our two polytunnels.


We only use environmentally friendly cleaning products in the properties. Therefore we will provide ALL you need for your stay – toilet cleaner, surface cleaner, washing-up liquid, dishwasher tablets, laundry detergent and micro clothes. Please do not use any other cleaning products as this will reduce the effectiveness of our sewage treatment plant.


All waste water and sewage passes through a submerged aeration plant – a Tricel Novo. A combination of processes come together to affect the transition of wastewater into a treated liquid suitable for discharge back into the water table.  Initially the settlement of incoming wastewater and the separation of solids and liquids occurs.  Effluent then passes into an aeration chamber where naturally forming bacteria consume the impurities. The final effluent undergoes a final settlement phase before being discharged into a soakaway.